About Untold History of NST

In Nichiren Buddhism, the most powerful and harmful of “the three powerful enemies”[1] is “the arrogance and presumption of those who pretend to be sages.” At the end of December 1990, the chief administrator and high priest of Nichiren Shoshu, Nikken Abe, revealed his true nature by behaving in just such a manner.

The year 1990 marked the 700th anniversary of the founding of head temple Taiseki-ji by Nikko Shonin. Nikko had left Mount Minobu with the aim of widely propagating Nichiren Buddhism. In October 1990, Soka Gakkai members, who are the disciples of the Buddha, gathered with pure faith at Taiseki-ji to participate in the auspicious, commemorative events.

At this very same time, however, beneath the surface of these celebratory events, Nikken and his associates were secretly looking for an opportunity to implement a plan they called “Operation C.”

As is well known by now, Operation C was a scheme to force the Soka Gakkai to oust Honorary President Daisaku Ikeda—to “cut” the president from the community of believers. If that turned out to be impossible, the plan was to excommunicate the Soka Gakkai as a whole. The eventual goal was to compel each member of the Soka Gakkai to leave the lay organization and become a member solely of a Nichiren Shoshu temple.  Read more