Table of Contents

Correspondence from Jiyu Newsletter: A History of the Arrogance of the Nichiren Shoshu Priesthood Adapted from a work by Yu Fuwa, Editor of Jiyu, Published by Hamano Shuppan


Chapter 1: The Fallacies Behind Nichiren Shoshu’s Claim to the Heritage of the Law


Recruiting High Priests From the Slanderous Yobo-ji Temple

High Priest Nichijo Abandons His

Responsibilities and Vanishes

Nissho Transfers Heritage to Lay Believers

A Coup to Remove the High Priest

‘Political’ Priests Use Nichiko for Their Purposes

Ambitious Nichikai Was Always at Center of Conflict

Chapter 2: Slanderous Teachings and Slanderous Acts


17th High Priest Nissei Slanders by Worshipping Shakyamuni Statues

Succumbing to Government Authority, Taiseki-ji Discards Nichiren Daishonin’s Teachings

Josen-ji, a Major Tokyo Temple, Symbolizes Nichiren Shoshu’s Slander

Nissho and Nichikai Attempt to Unite with Slanderous Nichiren Sects

Nichikai Abe Decimates the Teachings of the Law

Nichiren Shoshu Is Disconnected From Kosen-rufu

Chapter 3: ‘Business-oriented Priests’ Lacking in Propagation Spirit


Exploitation Through High Interest Rates

Priest Marriages Contribute to the Corruption of Nichiren Shoshu

Slanderous Ads in Organ Publications

Taiseki-ji Loses Treasure Sword Presented to Nichiren Daishonin

Selling “Gohonzon for Securing War Victory”

Using Counterfeit Gohonzon To Exploit Believers’ Fear of Death

Pure Current of Fuji School Is Sheer Illusion

Chapter 4: The Significance of the Soka Gakkai’s Emergence


Through Shintoism, Priesthood Supports War Policy

Why Did Nikkyo Have to Perish by Fire?

Ogasawara Incident and Ogasawara’s Reinstatement

When Law Has Perished, It Is Time for its Propagation